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hi i made a spooky animation

2014-10-30 20:07:34 by Sonicyay2

hi i made a spooky animation which i didnt submit to the portal because it would very quickly get blammed

it has cameos

it has sticky

it is spooky


Okay, if you know me, I'm sure that by know you've heard of the flash game Sticky the Stickman. However, I've came across many problems whilst making it and it's time I finally stand up and get some true help from you guys. So I have some questions I'd like to ask to you and I want you to answer them.
Question 1: What game engine should I use? Remember, it's a 2D platformer. (And I am NOT resorting to making it in Flash.)
Question 2: What shall the two newcomer's roles be in the game? (Don't know what I mean?
Question 3: How many worlds shall there be?
Question 4: Do you think it would be a good idea to try to submit it to Steam?
And finally, Question 5: What should I do to make it unique and seperate it from regular 2D platformers? Give me some good ideas!
And yes, I'm still looking for help in other roles.
I need a voice actor for Stickette, Igor, That-Yellow-Play-On-Worder(soon to get a new name) and the two newcomers. Animators, musicians and level editors are also still appreciated. Give me your best answers, guys!

I'm going to begin trying to develop the game on Construct 2. Mainly because I saw you could make Wii U games with it and then I jumped the gun. Uh oh.


Sonicyay2 Animations!

2014-08-06 21:36:27 by Sonicyay2

Which is basically the new name for my Animations. how original
You can see the logo here:


2014-07-26 18:12:58 by Sonicyay2


An animation test.

2014-07-21 16:41:17 by Sonicyay2

Because of course.
I WAS about to upload it to NG, but...

"Your submission must not be a pointless "demo" or "preview" without any redeeming qualities."

So it's best I don't upload it. HOWEVER, if you're interested, you're free to check it out here:

So, check it out! You might really like it.....or, yknow, you could just head over to my DeviantART:

And check it out there instead. Your call.

Cliff the Gap Leaper was a blast to do. All the entries were great and I really enjoyed making it. And I really want to see a sequel to it, too. There's so much you could do with this idea! So, why not make a sequel out of it?

I present to you "Cliff the Gap Leaper 2"!


If you've seen or participated in the first one, you know what to expect.

Cliff has to cross a big gap in front of him. No matter what. No matter how.

The concept is so simplistic, but yet full of potential if carried out correctly and anyone can contribute to this project.

If you have an idea for a sketch, then please feel free and post your ideas in this thread.

We are also looking for animators and artists, so what are you waiting for? Join this wicked sequel today! won't be seeing it until 2020. NOW LET ME EXPLAIN.

I'm not exactly old enough yet for my own credit card. I need to be at least 18 to own my own credit card and, knowing my mom and dad, they probably won't let me use theirs. So, anyways, what is this Kickstarter about?

An iOS port of Sticky the Stickman. The funding requirment is £130 (or $220.54 for 'murika.) and, depending on how much money I get to fund it, bonus things will be added to the iOS edition. Unfortunately, no Android version, because that looks complicated as hell. I'd appreciate some help, but for now....meh. So see you in 6 years when this Kickstarter debut.

So, let's talk stuff going on.

Well, first off, I've uploaded a new animation, Filler Dance.Sy2. Unfortunately, it got blammed, but thank Deviantart!

This is the first time you ever heard my voice, by the way! And of course, I shove Bubbles in to the whole thing. Because I'm not saying it again.

Unfortunately, for everything else, progress has gone down the toilet on all of them. I have a brand new laptop and I wasn't able to bring the files of my old laptop to this one, so the Sonic's Last Battle remake, Minecraft: The Hive Adventures, all of those are gone. I'm still gonna continue working on SLB, but MC:THA? Maybe...

And that's all the news I can think of now. Thanks for listening to this, and I'll see you next time.







Ask Sticky the Stickman!

2014-03-17 17:45:26 by Sonicyay2

So I made a Tumblr page for Sticky the Stickman.

Check it out.

Alright, time for a big, long update.

First off, I'm working on a brand new Minecraft animation!

This one's about my fictionous adventures in the server The Hive! I'll be taking a comedic turn on all the current minigames on the server. I've only got the pre-loader done, but here's a preview:


yes, that's my proper skin, yes, I designed it myself, yes, it's directly ripped from a game screenshot, and yes, it's Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls. Don't ask, and I'm not a girl.

Now for the collab part. Those of you who follow me know that I was originally going to be in Pkmn2's Christmas Collab 2013, but was too late. Now I return for 3294660_139127967542_Untitled-1.png

If you wish to see my entry for it, here it is:

Finally, I give an update on Sticky the Stickman. Unfortunately, since I lost all my data(except the graphics) AGAIN and getting distracted by animating, I'm putting the game on hiatus. Though I promise to finish it and you're still welcome to apply to help the game. Look for me in the 'Team Up!' section of the website for more details.

Phew! Glad that entire write-up's over! I'll leave you with a teaser for another animation: